Berlin Immobilien

Preserve and multiply values

Every year around one million properties in Germany change hands. Every day, thousands of buyers, sellers, courts, buyers, creditors and debtors, as well as credit institutions make their asset dispositions and lending decisions dependent on sound valuation. Here we are in demand as real estate professionals.

We are the preferred contact person in Berlin if you would like to make a well-founded valuation before you make such important decisions as the sale of your apartment, your property or your own home. It is our foremost duty, for you as certified and certified Market Value Brokers, to conduct these valuations and all other related services.

Talk to us confidentially in advance – even before you become active.

These topics should be negotiated among others:

    • How to determine the optimal selling price of your property
    • Which documents you absolutely need for the sale
    • How to get current sales documents
    • Which energy pass you need
    • How your property should best be presented to potential buyers
    • How Visits Are Made Convincing
    • How to Negotiate Price Negotiations
    • How to make sure the buyer can actually pay
    • What you should know to prepare for and sign the notarial sales contract

Just talk to us – we are just a phone call away.